dental emergency

Ways to avoid a dental emergency

2 important things to do to avoid a dental emergency

dental emergencyHave you ever gotten a knocked out tooth without warning? There is nothing like a dental emergency to ruin your weekend. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, of course, but there are a few things you can do to help reduce the risk of an unexpected problem with your teeth. Here are two important things you can do to avoid a dental emergency.

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1. If you play sports, wear an athletic mouthguard

An athletic mouthguard, when properly fitted, helps to cushion your face, gums and teeth from injury during high impact sports. No one wants to get stitches or have their teeth knocked out, so it is important to obtain and wear that protection when participating in any type of high-risk activity.

Wearing any mouthguard will provide some level of protection, but be aware that all mouth protection is not the same. Here are three basic types, from good to best:

  • A stock mouthpiece comes pre-shaped and ready-to-wear. While inexpensive, they can be ill-fitting and may not provide optimal protection
  • Boil and bite mouth guards tend to fit better protection than stock devices, but they can be bulky and need close attention to get them to fit properly
  • Custom-fitted mouthguards tend to provide the best protection for your teeth. Although they are more expensive, they are custom-fitted by your dentist, so there is no slippage.

2. Maintain routine dental care

In addition to wearing an athletic mouthguard to protect your teeth during high impact activities, you should also see your dentist every six months for routine dental care. In addition to regular deep cleaning, your dentist will examine your teeth, mouth and gums to look for problems like cavities, gum disease and oral cancer before they become problems.

Learn more about how you can protect your teeth

If you are interested in learning more about how you can protect your teeth and help to prevent unexpected dental emergencies, contact Dr. Levi Lowry, your Chestermere dentist, and schedule a consultation or appointment. He and his team are dedicated to helping you keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime and preventing as many of those unexpected and expensive dental emergencies as possible.

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