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It’s important to be able to chew your food properly. Food is what helps to keep us healthy and alive. While, in today’s world of processed food and food processors, one can get away with an impaired ability to chew, it sure takes a lot of the enjoyment and healthy nutrition out of eating.

Healthy digestion needs healthy teeth

Chewing is stage one of the digestive process. Here’s how it rolls out, super-simplified. Our teeth grind, cut and tear our food so that our digestive enzymes are able to break the food down for our intestines to absorb. The better the whole system works, the more nutrients our body receives.

Another impact of not being able to chew well is it may force you to alter your food choices. Not only can this stop you from eating healthy foods such as crunchy fruits and vegetables, it can put a serious cramp in your culinary cheer.

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What’s behind the chewing difficulty?

There are a few problems that can make chewing difficult:

Is there a solution?

Dental treatment by Chestermere dentist Dr Lowry can help resolve many of the issues noted above. The road to recovery begins with a dental exam. Some problems such as decayed, damaged or missing teeth can be easy to identify and treat. Other problems such as jaw joint issues may be more complex.

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Some treatment options for chewing difficulties are:

  • looking into implant supported dentures to resolve fit issues
  • evaluating the potential for jaw joint problems
  • Restoring damaged or decayed teeth with dental restorations

Regardless of the cause, modern dentistry and Dr Lowry can help you find the cause and treatment to resolve your chewing problem.

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