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When you are missing teeth, dentures can help you return to better health

need_denturesMissing teeth can have an impact on your health. Since you can’t chew without teeth, or chew well when you are missing some teeth, this issue can cause you to:

  • stop eating some foods that provide good nutrition, such as crunchy fruits and vegetables
  • be less able to digest foods, decreasing the absorption of nutrients

Missing teeth can also affect your appearance and cause you to lose self-confidence.

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Today’s dentures are an improvement over dentures of the past

Dentures have been around for centuries. As far back as 700 BC, people were replacing lost teeth with the teeth of humans or animals. They deteriorated quickly, but they were easy to produce and replace. Porcelain was introduced in the mid- 1770s, and plastics and resins in the 20th century.

get_denturesToday, dentures can be made to look very natural and fit comfortably. They come in two types: partial and complete. Complete dentures are used when you are missing all your teeth. Partial dentures are used when you are missing more than a few teeth or when the surrounding teeth are not strong enough to support a dental bridge.

It’s all about getting a good fit

The key to a comfortable, functional and good looking denture is a good fit. To achieve this it takes a number of steps. You’ll be a big part of the process as our goal is to help you achieve a look you like while we ensure your gum tissue remains in optimum health.

  1. We start by taking a precise mold of your gums. Precision is important to achieve an optimal fit and minimize the potential for sore spots. We use the mold to create a cast.
  2. Once the cast of your gums has been made, we start to build your denture. We have a variety of techniques that allow us to position your jaw and bite in the most natural state to maximize your biting forces and minimize discomfort.
  3. When the denture has been built, we custom set it. This means we work with you to choose the appropriate shape and color of the teeth, and set the teeth to achieve the smile you desire.
  4. Next we’ll make a prototype denture to test the bite and tooth set up. This is a stage of checks and balances to make sure you have a good fit, you can speak properly and you are happy with the look before the final denture is fabricated
  5. When your final denture comes back from the lab, Dr. Lowry will take more measurements to adjust the appliance’s bite to maximize function and minimize sore spots.

Don’t let missing teeth impact you

As noted, dentures can help you regain the ability to chew more effectively. They can also help offset an aged look by providing support to your face.

Since there are many treatment options, including implant supported dentures, we recommend to schedule a consultation with Chestermere dentist Dr. Lowry to discuss the options.

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