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Your looks, your health and your sense of self can all be impactedmissing_all_teeth

Missing teeth can cause big problems. Beyond the obvious aesthetic ones, missing teeth can compromise both your oral and general health. But there is another underlying issue with missing teeth, and that’s your sense of wholeness. Teeth are very important to us humans. In fact, many of us have an emotional connection to them.

Participants in 2014 study conducted by researchers at Newcastle University 1 reported feeling a sense of failure and distress over the loss of their teeth. In our culture, missing teeth can be a taboo subject – one that people just aren’t comfortable talking about.

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What types of treatments are available when you are missing all your teeth?

The traditional treatment for people who have lost all their teeth is a set of dentures. Dentures, also known as artificial teeth, are removable – they are held in place with suction. Although many people consider them a last resort, today’s dentures are made of top-quality materials and modern technology.

In recent years, dental implants have begun to gain popularity. Dental implants are fixed in place by surgically implanting titanium fixtures into your jawbone. The implants are topped by dental crowns and can look, feel and function in a very similar way to your natural teeth.

Because it would be impractical and very expensive to replace all your missing teeth with implants, an implant supported denture can be the compromise between dentures and dental implants.

Replacing missing teeth can help you regain your smile, confidence and health

found_all_teethWith today’s technology, both removable dentures and implant supported dentures can alleviate many of the issues caused by missing teeth, such as:

  • Impaired chewing function and a forced change in die
  • Loss of facial support resulting in changes to your cheeks, lips and chin
  • Speech problems
  • Psychological problems such as loss of confidence or a feeling of failure

What’s the best way to replace your missing teeth?

Finding the correct answer to that question starts with an exam by Chestermere dentist Dr Lowry. Once your oral and jawbone health have been assessed, and Dr Lowry has had a chance to understand your smile and oral health goals, he can help you choose the most effective option for you.

1. Rousseau, N., Steele, J., May, C. and Exley, C. (2014), ‘Your whole life is lived through your teeth’: biographical disruption and experiences of tooth loss and replacement. Sociology of Health & Illness, 36: 462–476. doi: 10.1111/1467-9566.12080

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