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Being able to chew and speak comfortably and effectively is important, so, if your dentures or partial dentures aren’t working, you have a problem.

Common symptoms that a person may experience from faulty or ill-fitting dentures are:

  • pain
  • chewing problems
  • speaking issues
  • embarrassment

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What could be the problem?

While, today’s dentures can, in most cases, be fabricated to function efficiently and fit comfortably, they do come with a few limitations:

  1. They don’t last forever. Dentures need to be relined every two years, and after five to seven years, you’ll need a new set.
  2. When you have dentures, your biting and chewing force is reduced by 80%.
  3. The fact that dentures are removable can cause problems as well. Dentures are held in place by suction. If they slip or move in your mouth they will often be less comfortable and work less effectively.

Ill-fitting dentures can also contribute to an aged look and cause you to alter your food choices.

Looking for an alternative?

While dentures can be an effective treatment when you are missing teeth, they are often only an alternative, not a replacement.

If this is the case for you, you may want to consider a denture or partial denture that is rooted in place with dental implants.

fixed_denturesA dental implant consists of a titanium fixture that’s surgically implanted into your jawbone. This effectively mimics the function of a tooth root and helps to keep your dentures more firmly in place. Once healed, the implant is capped with a dental crown or similar dental restoration to help it look and function like a natural tooth.

Implant supported dentures can:

  • improve chewing effectiveness
  • decrease discomfort
  • lessen the jawbone reabsorption that often gives denture wearers a more aged look

Finding the right treatment option begins with a dental exam

A dental exam will allow Chestermere dentist Dr Lowry to investigate the issues that could be causing your dentures to not work as well as they could or should.

After the exam, Dr Lowry will be able to discuss treatment options to improve the situation and help you regain a more comfortable fit.

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