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To replace missing teeth

Replace teeth with a dental bridge

dental_bridgeMissing teeth can cause a number of problems including:

  • appearance issues due to the gap left behind or the sunken look that can occur with missing teeth
  • inefficient chewing, leading to digestion problems
  • potential jaw joint complications as remaining teeth shift
  • an increased chance of suffering from oral health issues such as gum disease as the gaps left behind become more difficult to keep clean

The good news? A dental bridge can be an effective and affordable treatment option for missing teeth.

What is a dental bridge?

Like any other bridge, a dental bridge spans the gap created when a tooth or teeth are lost. To create your bridge, Chestermere dentist Dr Lowry uses the healthy teeth on either side of the gap as the supports. These teeth are capped with dental crowns to ensure the bridge has a strong foundation. If the surrounding teeth aren’t healthy, a dental implant may also be used to anchor the bridge.

To ensure an attractive appearance and a secure fit, precise impressions are made of your teeth. Next, dental stone is used to make a cast. The cast is what’s used to fabricate the actual bridge using gold or porcelain.

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Is a bridge the only option?

Dental implants are also an effective treatment option when you are missing one or several teeth. Depending on your budget, the health of your jaw bone and other considerations such as anatomy, Dr Lowry may suggest you consider a dental implant as a missing tooth replacement option..

Replacing missing teeth can improve jaw function and oral health

after_bridgeWhether you choose a fixed bridge or a dental implant, replacing missing teeth is an important treatment to persue. The benefits of replacing missing teeth are:

  • enhanced appearance
  • better chewing ability
  • healthier jaw joint function

Is a dental bridge for you?

Before we can answer this question, you’ll need to undergo a dental exam. Once Dr Lowry has had the chance to:

  1. evaluate your oral health
  2. assess the gaps left by the missing teeth and inspect the teeth surrounding them
  3. understand your health and budget goals

he’ll be able to advise you on the best missing tooth replacement treatment for you.

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