3 common causes of loose teeth

Common causes of loose teeth in Chestermere

3 common causes of loose teeth

3 common causes of loose teethLosing a tooth is only an exciting occasion as part of the natural growing process of children. It is not something any adult wants to experience. In fact, having loose teeth once you’re beyond puberty usually means something is wrong that requires immediate attention to prevent the loss of any teeth or worsening of your oral health. There are three common causes of loose teeth that you should know about.

What causes loose teeth?

  1. Gum disease is one of the leading reasons adults experience loose teeth. It is caused by the buildup of plaque and bacteria that isn’t cleaned away during proper oral hygiene. Eventually, this causes an inflammation in your gums and can begin to break down the bone that provides the foundation and stability for your teeth. The longer this infection is left untreated, the more harm is done.
  2. Accidental injury or trauma is also a common reason adult teeth become loose. If teeth are handled quickly and properly after this type of injury, however, it is entirely possible that the tooth maybe be able to be saved.
  3. Occlusal trauma can put excessive forces on teeth causing them to become loose. A badly aligned bite can lead to habitual tooth clenching and grinding. In addition to ruining the surface of your teeth, this also puts a tremendous amount of surface on your jaw and temporomandibular jaw joints (TMJ)

Avoid loose teeth in the first place

The best way to avoid the onset of any loose teeth is to maintain regular dental visits. Dental professionals are trained not only to care for your teeth but also to look for early signs of gum disease and teeth grinding. Accidental trauma can’t always be avoided, but it is something a dentist is also trained to handle.

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